Talk with FAES@NIH Students: My Background and What Led to Haz-Map

  1. My background: haz-map home > site index > author's curriculum vitae:,%20MD,%20MPH
  2. The question I asked in 1991: haz-map home > FAQs > #2:
  3. What was my conceptual framework:
  4. In what way is Haz-Map like a map? haz-map home > FAQs > #4:
  5. What is the purpose of Haz-Map? haz-map home > FAQs > #1:
  6. What is Haz-Map? haz-map home > webinar link on the bottom of the page > content
  7. What tables are included in the database? haz-map home > overview of database:
  8. Was the scientific method used to build Haz-Map? haz-map home > FAQs > #7
  9. What were the precursors of Haz-Map? haz-map home > FAQs > #9
  10. How can I use Haz-Map? haz-map home > click link at bottom of page to to database on NLM website > Help at top of page.

Also see the pdf file of a slide presentation:  Exposure Assessment: What is the dose and what can the dose do?