Ingesting herbal remedies

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Ingesting herbal remedies
Asian herbal medicine: chuifong tokwan (cadmium & lead); pay-loo-ah (lead); ghasard (lead); bali goli (lead); kandu (lead); kushtay (arsenic); Mexican folk remedy: greta (lead); azarcon (lead); also called liga, Maria Luisa, alarcon, coral, and rueda; Middle Eastern folk remedies: alkohl, kohl, saoott, cebagin (lead); [ATSDR Case Studies 1, 5, and 10] 20% of Ayurvedic herbal medicine products from India contained potentially harmful levels of arsenic, lead, and/or mercury; [JAMA. 2004;292:2868-2873] Chaparral made from the leaves of the creosote bush and used in tea and supplements is toxic to the liver. [PubMed ID: 9129552]
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