Sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate

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Sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate
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Other Classes
Alkenes, C14-16 alpha-, sulfonated, sodium salts; Sulfonic acids, C14-16-alkane hydroxy and C14-16-alkene, sodium salts; Sodium (C14-16) olefin sulfonate; Sodium C14-16-alkane hydroxy and C14-16-olefin sulfonates; [ChemIDplus] Mixed alkyl sulfates; [EPA] Alfanox 46 (KAO); Alkenes, C14-16 .alpha.-, sulfonated, sodium salts; alpha-Alkenylsulfonat-Natrium + Hydroxyalkansulfonat-Natrium; alpha-Olefinsulfonat-Natriumsalz; Alpha-olefinsulfonic acid sodium salt; AOS; Hostapur OS; Sodium alpha-olefin (C14-16) sulfonate; Sodium olefin (C14-16) sulfonate; [IUCLID] POWDERS OF PETROCHEMICAL LINEAR ALPHA OLEFIN SOLFONATE; [Redox Pty MSDS]
Sulfonates, Alkane and Alkene
33-37% Aqueous solution: Clear to slightly turbid pale yellow liquid; [SIDS Dossier] Bright yellow powder with a mild odor; [Redox Pty MSDS]
alpha-Olefin sulfonates: Used in laundry detergents, hand soaps, shampoos, dishwashing and other household cleaning products, personal care products, and in the textile, leather, and cosmetics industries; [OECD SIDS] Used in the textile processing, personal-domestic use, and cosmetics industries; Used as a construction materials additive, cleaning/washing agent, disinfectant, foaming agent, and surface-active agent; [IUCLID] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA]
Mixture of mono-unsaturated alkene sulfonates and hydroxyalkane sulfonates; Commercial product is typically a 33-37% aqueous solution; [SIDS Dossier] An irritant; Harmful by ingestion; [Redox Pty MSDS]
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