C.I. Pigment Green 36

Agent Name
C.I. Pigment Green 36
CAS Number
Major Category
C.I. Pigment Green 36 formula graphical representation
C.I. 74265; C.I. Pigment Green 38; C.I. Pigment Green 41; Chrmonfine Green 5370; Fastogen Green 2YK; Fastogen Green Y; Helio Fast Green GT; Heliogen Green 6G; Heliogen Green 6GA; Heliogen Green 8GA; Heliogen Green 9360; Heliogen Green K 9360; Heliogen Green L 9140; Heliogen Green L 9361; Hostaperm Green 8G; Lionol Green 2Y301; Lionol Green 2YS; Lionol Green 6YK; Lionol Green 6YKP; Monastral Fast Green 3Y; Monastral Fast Green 3YA; Monastral Fast Green 6Y; Monastral Fast Green 6YA; Monastral Green Y-GT 805D; Phthalocyanine Green 6G; Pigment Green 36; Pigment Green 38; Pigment Green 41; Sandorin Green 8GLS; Sanyo Phthalocyanine Green 6YS; Vynamon Green 6Y; Vynamon Green 6Y-FW; (1,3,8,16,18,24-Hexabromo-2,4,9,10,11,15,17,22,23,25-decachloro-29H,31H-phthalocyaninato(2-)-N29,N30,N31,N32)copper; Copper, (1,3,8,16,18,24-hexabromo-2,4,9,10,11,15,17,22,23,25-decachloro-29H,31H-phthalocyaninato(2-)-N29,N39,N31,N32)-, (SP-4-2)-; Copper, (1,3,8,16,18,24-hexabromo-2,4,9,10,11,15,17,22,23,25-decachlorophthalocyaninato(2-))-; Copper (polychlor - polybrom)phthalocyanine green; [ChemIDplus] Heliogen Green D 9363; [BASF MSDS]
Phthalocyanine Dyes
Greenish-yellow to green odorless solid; [CAMEO] Green odorless powder; [BASF MSDS]
Used in paints, printing inks, vinyl compounds, linoleums, rubber, lacquers, leather finishes, textile printing, and mass pigmentation of viscose; [NTP] Used in paints-coatings-thinners, inks-toners, polymers, artist and hobby products, leather and paper-board dying-finishing products, cosmetics, furniture production, and building and construction work; [ExPub: ECHA REACH Registrations] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA]
No known adverse effects; [BASF MSDS] See "Alcian Blue 8GS."
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