Sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate

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Sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate
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Sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate formula graphical representation
Ametox; Disodium thiosulfate pentahydrate; Thiosulfuric acid (H2S2O3), disodium salt, pentahydrate; Sodium thiosulfate, pentahydrate; Thiosulfuric acid, disodium salt, pentahydrate; [ChemIDplus] Antichlor; Hypo; [RTECS]
Sulfur Compounds
Odorless solid; Deliquesces slightly in moist air; [Merck Index] Colorless odorless crystalline solid; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]
Used to remove chlorine from solutions; to bleach paper, bone, straw, and ivory; as a fixer in photography; to extract silver from ores; as mordant in dyeing and printing textiles; in leather manufacturing; in pharmaceutical production (antioxidant), and as an antidote for cyanide poisoning; [Merck Index] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA]
Causes convulsions, ataxia, and lung changes in intravenous lethal-dose studies of mice; Causes increased pulse rate and respiratory stimulation in intravenous lethal-dose studies of dogs; [RTECS] Not considered hazardous by GHS classification; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS] See "Sodium thiosulfate."
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