Chromium potassium sulfate

Agent Name
Chromium potassium sulfate
CAS Number
10141-00-1; 10279-63-7
Cr.2H2-O4-S.K; Cr.x-H2-O4-S.x-K
Major Category
Chromium potassium sulfate formula graphical representation
0% Basicity chrome alum; Chrome alum; Chrome potash alum; Chromic potassium sulfate; Chromic potassium sulphate; Chromium potassium sulfate (CrK(SO4)2); Chromium potassium sulphate; Crystal Chrome Alum; Potassium chromic sulfate; Potassium chromic sulphate; Potassium chromium alum; Potassium chromium disulfate (KCr(SO4)2); Potassium chromium(III) sulfate; Potassium disulphatochromate (III); Chromium potassium bis(sulphate); Sulfuric acid, chromium(3+) potassium salt (2:1:1); Chromium(III) potassium sulfate; [ChemIDplus] Potassium disulfatochromate(III); [Merck Index]
Chromium Compounds, Inorganic
Violet-red crystals; soluble in water; [Hawley] Red-violet odorless granules; [Mallinckrodt Baker MSDS]
Used in dyeing (mordant), tanning, printing calico, developing photographs, and producing glue, gum, waterproof fabrics, inks, and other chromium compounds; [Merck Index]
CrIII compounds do not cause chrome ulcerations but may cause allergic dermatitis in workers with prior sensitization to CrVI compounds. [ILO Encyclo] CrIII is an essential trace mineral in the human diet. [ATSDR Case Studies] An irritant that may causes skin ulcerations and eye injury on prolonged contact; Harmful by ingestion and inhalation; [Mallinckrodt Baker MSDS] See "Chromium."
Biomedical References

Exposure Assessment

0.003 mg/m3, as Cr(III), inhalable particulate matter
0.5 mg/m3
Explanatory Notes
Soluble Cr(III) compounds are assigned RSEN and DSEN; "Trivalent chromium compounds--with the exception of chromium(III) acetate, chromium(III) chloride hexahydrate, and chromium(III) nitrate--are insoluble or poorly soluble in water . . ." [ACGIH]

Adverse Effects

IARC Carcinogen
Not classifiable
ACGIH Carcinogen
Not Classifiable

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