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1-(4-Sulfo-1-naphthylazo)-2-naphthol-3,6-disulfonic acid trisodium salt; 1-(4-Sulpho-1-naphthylazo)-2-naphthol-3,6-disulphonic acid, trisodium salt; 1302 Red; 1508 Red; 2,7-Naphthalenedisulfonic acid, 3-hydroxy-4-((4-sulfo-1-naphthyl)azo)-, trisodium salt; 2-Hydroxy-1,1'-azonaphthalene-3,6,4'-trisulfonic acid trisodium salt; 3-Hydroxy-4-((4-sulfo-1-naphthalenyl)azo)-2,7-naphthalenedisulfonic acid trisodium salt; 3-Hydroxy-4-((4-sulpho-1-naphthalenyl)azo)-2,7-naphthalenedisulphonic acid, trisodium salt; Acetacid Red 2BR; Acid Amaranth; Acid Amaranth I; Acid Amaranth N; Acid Leather Red I 2BW; Acid Leather Rubine S; Acid Red 27; Acilan Red SE; Aizen Amaranth; Amacid Amaranth; Amarant [Czech]; Amaranth; Amaranth (dye); Amaranth 85; Amaranth A; Amaranth B; Amaranth BPC; Amaranth Extra; Amaranth J; Amaranth Lake; Amaranth R; Amaranth S; Amaranth S Specially Pure; Amaranth USP; Amaranth WD; Amaranth red; Amaranthe; Amaranthe USP (biological stain); Azo Red R; Azo Rubine S.FQ; Azo Rubine SF; Azo Ruby S; Azorubin S; Azorubine S; Bordeaux S; Bordeaux S Extra Conc. A Export; Bordeaux S Extra Pure A; C.I. 16185; C.I. Acid Red 27; C.I. Acid Red 27, trisodium salt; C.I. Food Red 9; Calcocid Amaranth; Canacert Amaranth; Certicol Amaranth S; Cerven kysela 27 [Czech]; Cerven potravinarska 9 [Czech]; Cilefa Rubine 2B; Cranberry Red; D and C Red 2; D&C Red 2; Daishiki Amaranth; Dolkwal Amaranth; Dye FDC Red 2; Dye Red Raspberry; E 123; EEC No. 123; Edicol Amaranth; Edicol Supra Amaranth A; Eurocert Amaranth; FD & C Red No. 2; FD and C Red No. 2; FD&C Red 2; FD&C red No.2; Fast Red; Food Red 2; Food Red 9; Fruit Red A Geigy; HD Amaranth B; HD Amaranth Supra; Hexacert Red No. 2; Hexacol Amaranth B Extra; Hidacid Amaranth; Hispacid Red AM; Java Amaranth; Kayaku Amaranth; Kayaku Food Colour Red No. 2; KCA Foodcol Amaranth A; Kiton Rubine S; L Red Z 3050; L-Red 3; L-Rot 3 [German]; Lissamine; Lissamine Amaranth AC; Maple Amaranth; Naphthol Red B; Naphthol Red C; Naphthol Red LZS; Naphthol Red O; Naphthol Red S; Naphthol Red S Conc. Specially Pure; Naphthol Red S Specially Pure; Naphthol Red SI; Naptholrot S [German]; Neklacid Red A; Rakuto Amaranth; Raspberry red for jellies; Red No. 2; Red dye No. 2; S-Azo Rubine; San-ei Amaranth; Schultz Nr. 212 [German]; Shikiso Amaranth; Solar Red O; Takaoka Amaranth; Tertracid Red A; Toyo Amaranth; Trisodium salt of 1-(4-sulfo-1-naphthylazo)-2-naphthol-3,6-disulfonic acid; Trisodium salt of 1-(4-sulpho-1-naphthylazo)-2-naphthol-3,6-disulphonic acid; Usacert Red No. 2; Victoria Rubine O; Victoria Rubine O for food; Whortleberry Red; Wool Bordeaux 6RK; Wool Red; Wool Red 40F; [ChemIDplus]
Azo Dyes
Dark red to purple solid; [Hawley]
Used as dye for textiles, leather, wood, paper coatings, and biological stains; Also used as reagent to detect nitrites and nitrates, indicator in hydrazine titrations, and in color photography; [HSDB]
No significant differences between controls and high-dose rats fed amaranth at 1500 mg/kg bw for 2 and 1/2 years; [WHO, 1978] An irritant; May be harmful if swallowed; [MSDSonline]
Banned by the FDA in 1976 for use in foods, drugs, and cosmetics; [HSDB]
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IARC Carcinogen
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