Guinea Green B

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Guinea Green B
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Guinea Green B formula graphical representation
A.F. Green No. 1; AF Green No. 1; Acid Blue 255; Acid Green; Acid Green 2G; Acid Green 3; Acid Green B; Acid Green G; Acid Green L; Acid Green L Extra; Acid Green S; Acid Leather Green 3G; Acid Leather Green F; Acidal Green G; Acilan Green B; Amacid Green B; Benzenemethanaminium, N-ethyl-N-(4-((4-(ethyl((3-sulfophenyl)methyl)amino)phenyl)phenylmethylene)-2,5-cyclohexadien-1-ylidene)-3-sulfo-, hydroxide, inner salt, sodium salt; Brillant Green 3EMBL; Brilliant Green 3EMBL; Bucacid Guinea Green BA; C.I. 42085; C.I. Acid Green 3; C.I. Acid Green 3 (VAN); C.I. Acid Green 3, monosodium salt; C.I. Acid Green 3, sodium salt; C.I. Food Green 1; CI 42085; CI Acid Green 1; CI Acid Green 3 (VAN); CI Acid Green 3, monsodium salt; CI Acid Green 3, sodium salt; CI Food Green 1; Calcocid Green G; Color Index No. 42085; FD and C Green No. 1; FD&C Green 1; FD&C Green no. 1; FDC Green 1; Fenazo Green L; Food Green 1; Guinea Green; Guinea Green B; Guinea Green BA; Hidacid Emerald Green; Hispacid Green GB; Intracid Green F; Japan Green 1; Kiton Green F; Kiton Green FC; Leather Green B; Lissamine Green G; Merantine Green G; Naphthalene Green G; Naphthalene Lake Green G; Naphthalene Leather Green G; Neran Brilliant Green G; Pontacyl Green B; Pontacyl Green BL; Sulfacid Brilliant Green 1B; Sulpho Green 2B; Vondacid Green L; Zelen kysela 3 [Czech]; Zelen potravinarska 1 [Czech]; [ChemIDplus]
Di- and Triaryl Dyes
Dark green solid; [Merck Index]
Used to dye wool, silk, leather, and paper; Also used in wood stains, biological stains, and, indicators; Used as a cosmetic in Western Europe (no contact with mucous membranes) and in Japan (external use only); [HSDB]
May cause irritation; [MSDSonline]
Discontinued use as a color additive for foods, drugs and cosmetics in the US in 1966; [HSDB]
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IARC Carcinogen
Not classifiable

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