C.I. Direct Black 19

Agent Name
C.I. Direct Black 19
CAS Number
Major Category
C.I. Direct Black 19 formula graphical representation
Artificial Silk Black G; Artificial Silk Black GN; Artificial Silk Black GR; Atlantic Artificial Silk Black G; BALI Viscose Black G; BALI Viscose Black N; Bencidal Fast Black G; Benzanil Fast Black G; Benzo Fast Black G; Benzoform Black RRA-CF; C.I. 35255; C.I. Direct Black 19 (VAN); C.I. Direct Black 19, disodium salt; CERN prima 19; CERN prima 19 [Czech]; CI Direct Black 19; Chlorazol Viscose Black B; Chrome Leather Black GNA; Columbia Fast Black G; Columbia Fast Black GB; Coranil Direct Black B; Cutamin Black CG; Daiwa Black 320H; Diamine Fast Black B; Diaphtamine Fast Black KG; Direct Artificial Silk Black G; Direct Black 19; Direct Fast Black G; Direct Fast Black GU; Direct Fast Black SA; Direct Rayon Black KSG; Direct Rayon Black KSQ; Fenamin Black GR; Formal Fast Black 2B; Hispamin Fast Black CG; Indoblack GR; Kayarus Black G; Kayarus Black G conc.; Orient P 200; Orient Water Black 100L; Orient Water Black 200L; Phenamine Viscose Black RR; Pyrazol Fast Black GS; Rayon Black G; Rayon Black GSN; Rayon Black M; Rayon Fast Black B; Solar Black G; Sumilight Black G; Tertrodirect Black V; Tetrazo Deep Black GC Extra; Visco Black N; Viscose Black G; Viscose Black GNA; Viscose Black J; Viscose Black N; Viscose Black NG; Vondacel Black VG; Vondacel Black VN; Water Black 100; Water Black 200L; Water Black P 200; 2,7-Naphthalenedisulfonic acid, 4-amino-3,6-bis(2-(4-(2-(2,4-diaminophenyl)diazenyl)phenyl)diazenyl)-5-hydroxy-, sodium salt (1:2); Disodium 4-amino-3,6-bis((4-((2,4-diaminophenyl)azo)phenyl)azo)-5-hydroxynaphthalene-2,7-disulphonate; [ChemIDplus]
Azo Dyes
Used as a dye for cotton, leather, paper, and viscose; [HSDB]
May cause irritation; [MSDSonline]
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