C.I. Direct Blue 1

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C.I. Direct Blue 1
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1,3-Naphthalenedisulfonic acid, 6,6'-((3,3'-dimethoxy(1,1'-biphenyl)-4,4'-diyl)bis(azo))bis(4-amino-5-hydroxy-, tetrasodium salt; 6,8-Naphthalenedisulfonic acid, 3,3'-((3,3'-dimethoxy-4,4'-biphenylene)bis(azo)bis(5-amino-4-hydroxy-, tetrasodium salt; Airedale Blue FFD; Amanil Sky Blue 6B; Amanil Sky Blue FF; Atlantic Resin Fast Blue; Atlantic Resin Fast Blue LLGG; Atlantic Sky Blue 6B; Atlantic Sky Blue FF; Atul Direct Sky Blue FB; Azine Brilliant Blue 6B; Azocard Blue 6B; Belamine Sky Blue FF; Benzanil Sky Blue FF; Benzanil Supra Blue 2GN; Benzo Brilliant Blue 6BS; Brasilamina Sky Blue 6B; Brilliant Benzo Blue 6BA-CF; C.I. 24410; C.I. Direct Blue 1, tetrasodium salt; CI Direct Blue 1; Calcodur Blue 6GFL; Calcodur Resin Fast Blue; Calcodur Resin Fast Blue 6G; Calcomine Sky Blue FF; Chicago Blue 6B; Chicago Sky Blue; Chicago Sky Blue 6B; Chloramine Sky Blue FF; Chlorantine Fast Blue B5GL; Chlorazol Sky Blue FF; Chrome Leather Sky Blue; Chrome Leather Sky Blue GS; Cresotine Blue 6B; Diacotton Sky Blue 6B; Diaphtamine Blue BS; Diazine Sky Blue FF; Diazol Pure Blue 6B; Diphenyl Brilliant Blue FF; Direct Blue 1; Direct Blue 6B; Direct Blue 6BS; Direct Blue FF; Direct Blue FFN; Direct Bright Blue; Direct Brilliant Blue FF; Direct Brilliant Blue MFF; Direct Brilliant Sky Blue 6B; Direct Pure Blue 6B; Direct Pure Blue FF; Direct Pure Sky Blue; Direct Sky Blue 6B; Direct Sky Blue 6BS; Direct Sky Blue FF; Direct Sky Blue GS; Direct Sky Blue Green Shade; Enianil Brilliant Blue FF; Fastusol Brilliant Blue L8GU; Fenamin Sky Blue 3F; Fixanol Sky Blue FF; Hispamin Sky Blue 6B; Ink Blue 6B; Japanol Brilliant Blue 6BKX; Kayaku Direct Sky Blue 6B; Lumicrease Blue 4GL; Lumicrease Sky Blue 6GUL; Mitsui Direct Brilliant Blue 6B; Modr Prima 1 [Czech]; Naphtamine Sky Blue DD; Niagara Sky Blue 6B; NSB 6B; Nyanza Sky Blue 6B; Paper Blue 6B; Paramine Sky Blue FF; Phenamine Brilliant Blue 6B; Pheno Sky Blue 6BX; Pontamine Blue; Pontamine Sky Blue; Pontamine Sky Blue 6BX; Pontamine Sky Blue 6BX Greenish; Pontamine Sky Blue 6X; Pontamine Sky Blue 6x; Pure Blue; Pure Sky Blue 6B; Pyrazol Blue 2F; Pyrazol Fast Brilliant Blue VP; Shikiso Direct Sky Blue 6B; Sirius Supra Blue 4G; Sky Blue 6B; Sky Blue FF; Solar Blue 4GL; Tertrodirect Blue FF; Vegentine Blue CSW; Vondacel Blue FF; [ChemIDplus]
Benzidine Dyes
Blue solid; [HSDB] Bright greenish-blue or dark blue solid; [CAMEO] Blue powder; [MSDSonline]
Used in dyes (cotton, cellulose, nylon, leather, and paper), aqueous writing inks, and biological stains; Also used to make lakes for pigments; [HSDB]
One of the azo dyes metabolized to o-dianisidine--reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen; [NTP] An irritant; Reproductive effects in high-dose animal experiments; [MSDSonline]
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NTP Carcinogen
Anticipated human carcinogen

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