C.I. Direct Brown 95

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C.I. Direct Brown 95
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C.I. Direct Brown 95 formula graphical representation
Aizen Primula Brown BRLH; Aizen Primula Brown PLH; Amanil Fast Brown BRL; Amanil Supra Brown LBL; Atlantic Fast Brown BRL; Atlantic Resin Fast Brown BRL; Belamine Fast Brown BRLL; Benzamil Supra Brown BRLL; Benzanil Supra Brown BRLL; Benzanil Supra Brown BRLN; Brown 4EMBL; C.I. 30145; C.I. Direct Brown; CI 30145; Calcodur Brown BRL; Chloramine Fast Brown BRL; Chloramine Fast Brown BRLL; Chloramine Fast Cutch Brown PL; Chlorantine Fast Brown BRLL; Chrome Leather Brown BRLL; Chrome Leather Brown BRSL; Cuprate(2-),(5-((4'-((2,6-dihydroxy-3-((2-hydroxy-5-sulfophenyl)azo)phenyl)azo)(1,1'-biphenyl)-4-yl)azo)-2-hydroxybenzoato(4-)), disodium; Cuprofix Brown GL; Derma Fast Brown W-GL; Dermafix Brown PL; Dialuminous Brown BRS; Diaphtamine Light Brown BRLL; Diaphthamine Light Brown BRLL; Diazine Fast Brown RSL; Diazol Light Brown BRN; Dicorel Brown LMR; Diphenyl Fast Brown BRL; Direct Brown 95; Direct Brown 95 (technical grade); Direct Brown BRL; Direct Fast Brown BRL; Direct Fast Brown LMR; Direct Light Brown BRS; Direct Supra Light Brown ML; Durazol Brown BR; DuroFast Brown BRL; Eliamina Light Brown BRL; Enianil Light Brown BRL; Fastolite Brown BRL; Fastusol Brown LBRSA; Fastusol Brown LBRSN; Fenaluz Brown BRL; Helion Brown BRSL; Hispaluz Brown BRL; Hned prima 95 [Czech]; Ismafast Brown BRSL; KCA Light Fast Brown; Kayarus Supra Brown BRS; KCA Light Fast Brown BR; Paranol Fast Brown BRL; Peeramine Fast Brown BRL; Pontamine Fast Brown BRL; Pontamine Fast Brown NP; Pyrazol Fast Brown BRL; Pyrazoline Brown BRL; Saturn Brown LBR; Sirius Supra Brown BRL; Sirius Supra Brown BRS; Solantine Brown BRL; Solar Brown PL; Solex Brown R; Solius Light Brown BRLL; Solius Light Brown BRS; Sumilight Supra Brown BRS; Suprazo Brown BRL; Suprexcel Brown BRL; Tertrodirect Fast Brown BR; Tetramine Fast Brown BRDN Extra; Tetramine Fast Brown BRP; Tetramine Fast Brown BRS; Triantine Brown BRS; Triantine Fast Brown OG; Triantine Fast Brown OR; Triantine Light Brown BRS; Triantine Light Brown OG; [ChemIDplus]
Benzidine Dyes
Dark brown or black solid; [CAMEO]
Used for dyeing silk, cotton, wool, acetate, cellulose, wood, nylon, leather, paper, and certain plastics; [HSDB] In a NIOSH survey of US industries in 1972-1974, workers were exposed to Direct Black 38, Direct Brown 95, and Direct Blue 6 (benzidine-based dyes) in the textiles, paper, and leather industries; [Zenz, p. 709]
A benzidine-based dye that caused neoplastic liver nodules in 4/8 female rats and hepatocellular carcinoma in one rat after a 13-week high-dose feeding study; Benzidine-based dyes are probably carcinogenic in humans (Group 2A); [IARC] One of the azo dyes metabolized to benzidine--known to be a human carcinogen; [NTP] In high-dose feeding studies, all animals fed 375 mg/kg or more exhibited biliary hyperplasia; [HSDB] May cause injury to liver and kidneys; [CAMEO]
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Adverse Effects

Hepatoxic (a) from occupational exposure (secondary effect) or (b) in animal studies or in humans after ingestion
IARC Carcinogen
NTP Carcinogen
Human carcinogen

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