C.I. Direct Yellow 11

Agent Name
C.I. Direct Yellow 11
CAS Number
Major Category
Airedale Yellow RD; Alkaline condensation of 4-nitrotoluene-2-sulfonic acid; Amanil Fast Yellow AN; Atlantic Stilbene Yellow GA; Azine Fast Yellow A; Azomine Yellow R; Bencidal Fast Yellow X; Benzanil Yellow R; Benzenesulfonic acid, 2-methyl-5-nitro-, alk. Cond. Products; Benzo Fast Yellow A; C.I. 40000; C.I. Acid Yellow 62; CI 40000; CI Yellow 11; Calcomine Yellow 2G; Carta Yellow G; Carta Yellow G 180; Chlorazol Paper Yellow R; Chrome Eather Yellow TG; Chrome Leather Fast Yellow A; Chrome Leather Yellow A; Cresotine Yellow A; Curcumine S; Diamine Fast Yellow A; Diazine Yellow R; Diazol Fast Yellow A; Diphenyl Fast Yellow FA; Diphenyl Yellow G; Direct Fast Yellow A; Direct Fast Yellow AC; Direct Fast Yellow R; Direct Orange G; Direct Stilbene Yellow; Direct Yellow 11; Direct Yellow A; Direct Yellow F; Direct Yellow G; Direct Yellow K; Direct Yellow MR; Direct Yellow Stilbene; Direct Yellow T; Direct Yellow TG; Erie Yellow 2RF; Erie Yellow A; Erie Yellow F; Erie Yellow FP; Erie Yellow R; Erie Yellow SR; Fast Yellow G; Fenamin Yellow TP; Fixanol Yellow GS; Hispamin Yellow F; Iredale Yellow RD; Kansai Direct Fast Yellow A; Manil Fast Yellow AN; Nankai Direct Fast Yellow A; Naphthalene Leather Yellow GL; Nippon Fast Yellow A; Paper Yellow RF; Paramine Fast Yellow GR; Paramine Yellow 2R; Peeramine Stilbene Yellow GA; Pheno Fast Yellow 95; Polycor Yellow R; Stilbene Yellow TK; Stilbene Yellow TR; Sun Yellow G; Tetrodirect Yellow A; Trisulfon Yellow G; Trisulfon Yellow GF; Vondacel Yellow RN; Wogenal Yellow CG; Yellow EMBL; Zomine Yellow R; [ChemIDplus]
Other Dyes
Reddish-yellow to reddish-brown solid; [CAMEO] Reddish-yellow odorless powder; [MSDSonline]
Used as dye (leather, silk, paper beater, cellulose, cotton, and wool), and biological stain; [HSDB] A stilbene dye; [Ullmann]
May cause mild irritation; [MSDSonline]
Biomedical References

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