C.I. Food Blue 3

Agent Name
C.I. Food Blue 3
Alternative Name
Sulphan blue
CAS Number
Major Category
C.I. Food Blue 3 formula graphical representation
Sulphan blue; N-(4-((4-(Diethylamino)phenyl)(2,4-disulfophenyl)methylene)-2,5-cyclohexadien-1-ylidene)-N-ethylethanaminium, hydroxide, inner salt, sodium salt; (4-(alpha-(4-Diethylaminophenyl)-2,4-disulfobenzyliden)-2,5-cyclohexadienylden)diethylammoniumhydroxid, inneres salz, natriumsalz; 1085 Blue; Acid Blue 1; Acid Blue V; Acid Brilliant Blue VF; Acid Brilliant Blue Z; Acid Brilliant Sky Blue Z; Acid Leather Blue V; Acid bright Azure Z; Aizen Brilliant Acid Pure Blue VH; Alphazurine 2G; Amacid Blue V; Bleu patente V; Blue 1084; Blue URS; Blue VRS; Brilliant Acid Blue A Export; Brilliant Acid Blue V Extra; Brilliant Acid Blue VS; Brilliant Blue GS; Bucacid Patent Blue VF; C.I. 42045; C.I. Acid Blue 1; C.I. Acid Blue 1, sodium salt; Carmin Blue VS; Carmine Blue VF; Disulfine Blue VN; Disulphen Blau; Disulphine Blue VN; Disulphine Blue VN 150; Disulphine VN; Edicol Supra Blue VR; Erio Brilliant Blue V; Erioglaucine Supra; Ethanaminium, N-(4-((4-(diethylamino)phenyl)(2,4-disulfophenyl)methylene)-2,5-cyclohexadien-1-ylidene)-N-ethyl-, hydroxide, inner salt, sodium salt; Fenazo Blue XF; Food Blue 3; Hexaco Blue VRS; Hexacol Blue VRS; Hidacid Blue V; Intracid Pure Blue V; Kiton Pure Blue V; Kiton Pure Blue V FQ; Kiton Pure Blue V.FQ; L-Blau 3; Leather Blue G; Lissamine turquoise VN; Merantine Blue VF; Modr Kysela 1 [Czech]; Modr Potravinarska 3 [Czech]; Patent Blue; Patent Blue V; Patent Blue VF; Patent Blue VF Special; Patent Blue VF-CF; Patent Blue VS; Patent Blue Violet; Patentblau V [German]; Pontacyl Brilliant Blue V; Schultz Nr. 826 [German]; Sodium Blue VRS; Sodium Patent Blue V; Sulfacid Brilliant Blue 6J; Sulfan Blue; Sulphanblau; Sumitomo Patent Pure Blue VX; Tertracid Carmine Blue V; Tetracid Carmine Blue V; Xylene Blue VS; [ChemIDplus]
Di- and Triaryl Dyes
Violet or dark bluish-green solid; [HSDB] Violet powder; [MSDSonline]
Used as dye (medicinal products, wool, silk, leather, jute, paper, phenol-formaldehyde resins, milled soaps, inks, methylated spirit wash, casein, and lymphography) and biological stain; [HSDB]
May cause irritation; May be harmful if swallowed; IARC not classifiable; [MSDSonline]
Formerly used as a food dye (not currently permitted for use in food in the US, Japan, or EU, but is reportedly still used in some countries); Accepted for use in cosmetics not in contact with mucous membranes; [HSDB]
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IARC Carcinogen
Not classifiable

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