C.I. Sulphur Black 1

Agent Name
C.I. Sulphur Black 1
CAS Number
Major Category
Asphalen Sulphur Black C; Asphalen Sulphur Black S; Atul Sulphur Black GXE; Atul Sulphur Black GXR; Atul Sulphur Black RP; C.I. 53185; C.I. Sulfur Black 1; CI 53185; Calcogene Black GX-CF; Diresul Black P; Eclipse Black BG; Eclipse Deep Black S; Fenoxyl Black RD; Immedial Black AT; Immedial Black GN; Immedial Black MF; Immedial Carbon B; Immedial Carbon BO; Immedial Carbon BR; Immedial Carbon CBO; Immedial Carbon CM; Immedial Carbon CMR; Immedial Carbon LP; Immedial Carbon MLB; Immedial Carbon NGD; Immedial Carbon RRC; Immedial MFS Grains; Immedial Printing Black B paste; Katigen Deep Black NND-CF; Katigen Deep Black RND-CF; Kayaku Sulphur Black 3BX; Kayaku Sulphur Black BBR 200; Kayaku Sulphur Black BBX; Kayaku Sulphur Black BDX; Kayaku Sulphur Black BNX; Kayaku Sulphur Black BX; Kayaku Sulphur Black BX 200; Kayaku Sulphur Black BX 200 Flakes; Kayaku Sulphur Black G; Kayaku Sulphur Black TB; Kayasol Black B; Mitsui Sulphur Black B; Mitsui Sulphur Black BC; Mitsui Sulphur Black BF; Mitsui Sulphur Black BO; Mitsui Sulphur Black BS; Mitsui Sulphur Black G; Mitsui Sulphur Black GF; Mundial Black MO; Nissen Black BGL; Nissen Black BK; Nissen Black BX; Nissen Black KBX; Nissen Black LBX; Original Cubatao Sulphur Black; Pirocard Black B; Pirocard Black IT; Pirocard Black PL; Pirocard Black PSE; Pirocard Black PSR; Pirocard Black T; Pirocard Black TR; Pyrogene Deep Black B; Pyrogene Deep Black D; Sodyesul Black 2B; Sodyesul Black PACF; Sodyesul Black R; Sofral Black FP; Suldura Black PG; Sulfanol Black B; Sulfanol Black MBS; Sulfanol Black MRS; Sulfer Black BB; Sulfer Black G; Sulfer Black GB; Sulfer Black KBR; Sulfogen Black BWLE; Sulfogene Carbon HCF Grains; Sulfur Black; Sulfur Black 1; Sulfur Black 2B; Sulfur Black B; Sulfur Black BGL; Sulfur Black BGND; Sulfur Black BRW; Sulfur Black T; Sulpho Black; Sulphol Black B 150; Sulphol Black BS; Sulphol Black G Conc; Sulphol Black GSP paste; Sulphol Black XG; Sulphol Liquid Black QG; Sulphur Black; Sulphur Black 1; Sulphur Black 911; Sulphur Black 911 Extra; Sulphur Black B; Sulphur Black BRW; Sulphur Black BT; Sulphur Black G; Sulphur Black HD Grains; Sulphur Black HD Grains 115; Sulphur Black HD Grains 125; Sulphur Black LA; Sulphur Black M; Sulphur Black P; Sulphur Black PA; Sulphur Black PAN; Sulphur Black T; Sulphur Black TC; Sulphur Black WLX; Sulphur Fast Black BG; Thiocyanine Black FR Grains; Thional Black 5G-CF; Thional Black 7CF; Thional Deep Black B; Thional Deep Black D; Thionol Black B; Thionol Black JN; Thionone Black 36254; Thionone Black BN Extra Conc; Thionone Black FA Extra Conc; Thionone Black Paste Special; [ChemIDplus]
Other Dyes
Black powder; [MSDSonline]
Used as dye for cellulosic fibers, leather, and paper; [HSDB]
Oral LD50 (mouse) = 11,450 mg/kg; [RTECS] A thiosulfone dye; May cause mild irritation; Repeated or prolonged exposure may cause respiratory sensitization; [MSDSonline]
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