Cellulose acetate

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Cellulose acetate
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Cellulose Acetate [USAN]; A 432-130B; Acetate cotton; Acetate ester of cellulose; Acetic acid, cellulose ester; Acetose; Acetyl 35; Acetylcellulose; Allogel; Ampacet C/A; Bioden; Ca (cellulose acetate); Cellidor; Cellidor A; Cellit K 700; Cellit L 700; Cellulose 2,5-acetate; Cellulose monoacetate; Cellulose, 2,5-diacetate; Cellulose, acetate; Cellulose, diacetate; Cellulose, triacetate; Crellate; DP 02; DP 06; E 376-40; E 383-40; E 394-30; E 394-40; E 394-45; E 394-60; E 398-10; E-400-25; Eastman 298-10; Etrol OEM; Monoacetylcellulose; Nicollembal; Nixon C/A; PP 612; PP 613; PP 628; Plastacele; Stripmix; Strux; Tenite I; Vladipor; t-Cellit; [ChemIDplus]
Other Organic Compounds
White solid; Thermoplastic resin; Commercially available as sheet, film, fiber, and as molded items; [Hawley] White powder or flake; [MSDSonline]
Used as a polymer (acetate fibers, yarn, and plastics), waterproofing agent (fabrics), and to make rubber and celluloid substitutes; Also used in nonflammable photographic films, varnishes and lacquers, filaments, phonograph records; magnetic tapes, coatings for skins, wire insulation, thermoplastic molds, cell membranes, sewage treatment, and food packaging; [HSDB]
May cause irritation; [MSDSonline]
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