Michler's ketone

Agent Name
Michler's ketone
Alternative Name
CAS Number
Major Category
Nitrogen Compounds
Michler's ketone formula graphical representation
4,4'-Bis(dimethylamino)benzophenone; Benzophenone, 4,4'-bis(dimethylamino)-; Bis(4-(dimethylamino)phenyl)methanone; Bis(p-(N,N-dimethylamino)phenyl) ketone; Bis(p-(N,N-dimethylamino)phenyl)ketone; Michler ketone; N,N,N',N'-Tetramethyl-4,4'-diaminobenzophenone; Tetramethyldiaminobenzophenone; p,p'-Bis(N,N-dimethylamino)benzophenone; p,p'-Bis(dimethylamino)benzophenone; p,p'-Michler's ketone; Methanone, bis(4-(dimethylamino)phenyl)-; [ChemIDplus] UN2811
Other Aromatics (Nitrogen)
White to greenish solid; [Merck Index] May also be in the form of a blue solid; [CHEMINFO] Light blue powder; [MSDSonline]
Used to make dyes and pigments; [Merck Index] Used to dye paper, textiles, and leather; Also used in printing inks and photosensitizer formulations; [CHEMINFO]
MAK-2 (considered to be carcinogenic for man because sufficient data from long-term animal studies or limited evidence from animal studies substantiated by evidence from epidemiological studies indicate that it can make a significant contribution to cancer risk); [MAK] A skin, eye, mucous membrane, and respiratory tract irritant; [CAMEO] An irritant; [MSDSonline]
Biomedical References

Exposure Assessment

Vapor Pressure
1.07E-06 mm Hg
Explanatory Notes
Flash Point = 220 deg C; [CHEMINFO] The Guide in the Emergency Response Guidebook is for "Toxic solid, organic, n.o.s."

Adverse Effects

IARC Carcinogen
Possible (2b)
NTP Carcinogen
Anticipated human carcinogen

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