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Biological Agents
Lecithin formula graphical representation
Acti-Flow 68-SB; Alcolec S; Egg yolk; Emulthin M-35; Gliddex; Granulestin; Kelecin; Lecithin, soybean; Lecithins; Lecithol; Ovovitellin; Phosphatidylcholine; Phospholutein; Soybean lecithin; Vitellin; [ChemIDplus]
Plant Oils and Extracts
Waxy solid or thick liquid (dependent on acid value); White when fresh, turns yellow to brown on exposure to air; [Merck Index] Yellow odorless solid; [MSDSonline]
Found in all living organisms; Commercial product mainly soybean lecithin; Used in food as an emulsifier and surfactant; [Merck Index] Used for treating leather and textiles and in rubber processing; Also used as an emulsifier and antioxidant in foods and cosmetics, animal feed additive, emollient and penetrating agent in cosmetics, dispersant in paints and printing inks, antioxidant and dispersant in petroleum products, mold release for plastics, blending agent in oils and resins, and lubricant for textile fibers; [HSDB]
Emergency treatment: "Non-toxic ingestion"; [HSDB] May cause eye irritation; [MSDSonline]
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