Agent Name
CAS Number
Major Category
Other Classes
Adulsin; Avicel SG; Bagolax; Benecel M 0; Benecel M 02; Benecel MC 4000PS; Benecel MO 42; Bufapto Methalose; Bulkaloid; Celacol M; Celacol M 20P; Celacol M 2500; Celacol M20; Celacol M450; Celacol MM; Celacol MM 10P; Celacol MMPR; Celacol WA; Cellapret; Cellogel; Cellogran; Cellothyl; Cellulose methyl; Cellulose methyl ether; Cellulose methylate; Cellumeth; Cesca C 8556; Cesca MC 25S; Cesca MC 400; Cethylose; Cethytin; Cologel; Culminal K 42; Culminal MC; Culminal MC 2000; Culminal MC 25S; Culminal MC 3000P; Culminal MC 3000PR; Culminal MC 40; Culminal MC 60S; Daicel 170; EMP-H; Edisol M; Hi-SM 4000; Hydrolose; MC 20000S; MC 4000 cP; MC 4000CP; MCO 8000; MMTs-BTR; Mapolose 60SH50; Mapolose M25; Mellose; Methocel; Methocel 10; Methocel 15; Methocel 181; Methocel 400; Methocel 4000; Methocel 4000 CPS; Methocel 4000CPS; Methocel 400CPS; Methocel A; Methocel CHG; Methocel MC; Methocel MC 25; Methocel MC 8000; Methocel MC4000; Methocel SM 100; Methulose; Methyl cellulose; Methyl cellulose ether; Methyl cellulose-A; Methylcellulose (1/2%); Methylcellulosum [INN-Latin]; Metilcellulosa [DCIT]; Metilcelulosa [INN-Spanish]; Metolose 60SH; Metolose 60SH400; Metolose MC 8000; Metolose SM 100; Metolose SM 15; Metolose SM 4000; Napolone; Nicel; Rhomellose; SM-4000; Syncelose; Tylose; Tylose 444; Tylose A4S; Tylose MF; Tylose MH1000; Tylose MH20; Tylose MH2000; Tylose MH300; Tylose MH300P; Tylose MH4000; Tylose MH50; Tylose SAP; Tylose SL; Tylose SL 100; Tylose SL 400; Tylose SL 600; Tylose TWA; USP methylcellulose; Viscol; Viscontran L52; Viscosol; Walsroder MC 20000S; [ChemIDplus]
Other Organic Compounds
White odorless solid; [Merck Index] Greyish-white solid; Forms viscous colloidal solution in water; [Hawley] Hygroscopic; [CAMEO] White odorless powder; [MSDSonline]
Used as thickener and suspending agent in latex paints, paint removers, detergents, and hard surface cleaners; as a protective colloid in textile inks and vinyl chloride polymerization; as a binder, thickener, and water retention aid in various building products; in adhesives used for tanning; as a general-purpose food additive; in pharmaceutical tablets and formulations; in wallpaper paste; for slip casts in ceramics; in cosmetic creams and lotions; as a protective colloid in water based paints (prevents pigment flocculation); for film and sheeting; as a substitute for water-soluble gums; to render paper greaseproof; and as a laxative; [HSDB]
Emergency treatment: "Laxatives, bulk forming"; Non-irritating to eye; Tablets have caused fecal impaction in patients who took with inadequate water intake; [HSDB] May cause eye irritation, skin sensitization, and chemical pneumonitis; [CAMEO] Powder can cause irritation; [MSDSonline] See "Cellulose."
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