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Petrolatum amber; Petrolatum white; Cosmoline; Cream white; Extra Amber; Mineral fat; Mineral grease (petrolatum); Mineral jelly; Mineral wax; Paraffin jelly; Pennsoline Soft Yellow; Penreco White; Perfecta; Petrolatum USP; Petrolatum, amber; Petrolatum, white; Petrolatum, yellow; Petroleum jelly; Protopet, Alba; Protopet, White 1S; Protopet, White 2L; Saxoline; Snow White; Soft paraffin; Ultima White; Vaseline; Vasoliment; White petrolatum; White petrolatum USP; White petroleum jelly; White Protopet; White vaseline; Yellow petrolatum; [ChemIDplus]
Semisolid or liquid (hydrocarbon mixture); Solid is water-white or pale yellow; [Hawley] Colorless, white, or yellowish to light amber semisolid; [HSDB] White, amber, dark brown, or green thick liquid; [CAMEO]
Variable composition of saturated hydrocarbons (number of carbons usually greater than 25) depending on petroleum source and method of refining; Industrial grades (less refined) may have impurities including polycyclic aromatics; [ICSC] Used as lubricant, food additive (protective coatings and defoaming and release agent), emollient base (ointments, creams, and lotions), carrier for rust preventatives, protective dressing, perfume extractor, and softener for rubber compounds; Used in leather grease, shoe polish, modeling clays, cosmetics, insect repellents, treatment of food producing animals, and to make carbon paper; [HSDB] Used in liquid form (white mineral oil) as a laxative, textile lubricant, and dispersing agent; [Hawley]
No listed effects of short-term or long-term exposure; [ICSC] An eye irritant; [CAMEO]
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