Phthalocyanine Green

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Phthalocyanine Green
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Major Category
Accosperse Cyan Green G; Brilliant Green Phthalocyanine; C.I. 74260; C.I. Pigment Green 42; CI 74260; CI Pigment Green 42; CI Pigment Green 7; Calcotone Green G; Ceres Green 3B; Chromatex Green G; Colanyl Green GG; Copper Phthalocyanine Green; Cromophtal Green GF; Cromophthal Green GF; Cyan Green 15-3100; Cyanine Green GP; Cyanine Green NB; Cyanine Green T; Cyanine Green Toner; Dainichi Cyanine Green FG; Dainichi Cyanine Green FGH; Daltolite Fast Green GN; Duratint Green 1001; Fastogen Green 5005; Fastogen Green B; Fastolux Green; Fenalac Green G; Fenalac Green G Disp; Granada Green Lake GL; Graphtol Green 2GLS; Heliogen Green 8680; Heliogen Green 8681K; Heliogen Green 8682T; Heliogen Green 8730; Heliogen Green A; Heliogen Green G; Heliogen Green GA; Heliogen Green GN; Heliogen Green GNA; Heliogen Green GTA; Heliogen Green GV; Heliogen Green GWS; Hostaperm Green GG; Irgalite Fast Brilliant Green 3GL; Irgalite Fast Brilliant Green GL; Irgalite Green GLN; Klondike Yellow X-2261; Lutetia Fast Emerald J; Microlit Green GK; Microlith Green G-FP; Monarch Green WD; Monastral Fast Green 2GWD; Monastral Fast Green BGNA; Monastral Fast Green G; Monastral Fast Green GD; Monastral Fast Green GF; Monastral Fast Green GFNP; Monastral Fast Green GN; Monastral Fast Green GNA; Monastral Fast Green GTP; Monastral Fast Green GV; Monastral Fast Green GWD; Monastral Fast Green GX; Monastral Fast Green GXB; Monastral Fast Green GYH; Monastral Fast Green LGNA; Monastral Green B; Monastral Green B Pigment; Monastral Green G; Monastral Green GFN; Monastral Green GH; Monastral Green GN; Monolite Fast Green GVSA; Non-flocculating Green G 25; Opaline Green G 1; Permanent Green Toner GT-376; Phthalocyanine Brilliant Green; Phthalocyanine Green LX; Phthalocyanine Green V; Phthalocyanine Green VFT 1080; Phthalocyanine Green WDG 47; Pigment Fast Green G; Pigment Fast Green GN; Pigment Green 7; Pigment Green Phthalocyanine; Pigment Green Phthalocyanine V; Polychloro copper phthalocyanine; Polymo Green FBH; Polymo Green FGH; Polymon Green 6G; Polymon Green G; Polymon Green GN; PV-Fast Green G; Ramapo; Resinated Phthalocyanine Green G-5025; Sanyo Cyanine Green; Sanyo Phthalocyanine Green F6G; Sanyo Phthalocyanine Green FB Pure; Segnale Light Green G; Sherwood Green A 4436; Siegle Fast Green G; SolFast Green; SolFast Green 63102; Synthaline Green; Termosolido Green FG Supra; Thalo Green No. 1; Versal Green G; Vulcal Fast Green F2G; Vulcanosine Fast Green G; Vulcol Fast Green F2G; Vynamon Green BE; Vynamon Green BES; Vynamon Green GNA; [ChemIDplus]
Phthalocyanine Dyes
Bright green pigment; [Hawley] Green solid; [CAMEO] Green odorless powder; [MSDSonline]
Used as pigment in chalks, colored pencils, plastics, paints, printing inks, lacquers, linoleum, leather and book cloth, paper surfacing, wallpaper, and rubber; [HSDB]
Chlorinated copper phthalocyanine pigment; [Hawley] Not irritating to skin or eyes, based on animal studies; [IUCLID] May cause mild eye irritation; [MSDSonline] See "Phthalocyanine."
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