Copper phthalocyanine

Agent Name
Copper phthalocyanine
Alternative Name
Pigment Blue 15
CAS Number
Major Category
Copper phthalocyanine formula graphical representation
Pigment Blue 15; Accosperse Cyan Blue GT; Aqualine Blue; Arlocyanine Blue PS; Bahama Blue BC; Bahama Blue BNC; Bahama Blue Lake NCNF; Bahama Blue WD; Bermuda Blue; Blue GLA; Blue Toner GTNF; Blue pigment; C.I. 74160; C.I. Ingrain Blue 2; C.I. Pigment Blue 15; C.I. Pigment Blue 15:1; C.I. Pigment Blue 15:3; C.I. Pigment Blue 15:4; CI 74160; CI Ingrain Blue 2; CI Pigment Blue 15; Calcotone Blue GP; Ceres Blue BHR; Chromatex Blue BN; Chromofine Blue BX; Chromophthal 4G Blue; Chromophthal GF Green (VAN); Congo Blue B-4; Copper (II) phthalocyanine; Copper Phthaloycanine Blue; Copper phthalocyanin; Copper phthalocyanine blue; Copper tetrabenzoporphyrazine; Copper(2+) phthalocyanine; Copper(II) phthalocyanine; Copper, (29H,31H-phthalocyaninato(2-)-N(29),N(30),N(31),N(32))-, (SP-4-1)-; Copper, (29H,31H-phthalocyaninato(2-)-N(sup 29),N(sup 30),N(sup 31),N(sup 32))-, (SP-4-1)-; Copper, (phthalocyaninato(2-))-; Copper-phthalocyanine; Cromophtal Blue 4G; Cromophtal Blue 4GN; Cromophtal Blue GF; Cyan Blue BNC 55-3745; Cyan Blue BNF 55-3753; Cyan Blue GT; Cyan Blue GT 55-3295; Cyan Blue GT 55-3300; Cyan Blue GTNF; Cyan Blue Toner GT 3000; Cyan Blue XR 55-3758; Cyan Blue XR 55-3760; Cyan Peacock Blue G; Cyanine Blue BB; Cyanine Blue BF; Cyanine Blue Bnrs; Cyanine Blue C; Cyanine Blue GNPS; Cyanine Blue HB; Cyanine Blue LBG; Cyanine Blue Rnf; Dainichi Cyanine Blue B; Dainichi Cyanine Blue BX; Dainichi Cyanine Blue FPG; Dainichi Cyanine Blue PG; Daltolite Fast Blue B; Duratint Blue 1001; Euvinyl Blue 702; Fastogen Blue 5007; Fastogen Blue 5110; Fastogen Blue 5120; Fastogen Blue B; Fastogen Blue BS; Fastogen Blue BSF; Fastogen Blue FP; Fastogen Blue GNPT; Fastogen Blue GR; Fastogen Blue GS; Fastogen Blue TGR; Fastolux Blue; Fastolux Peacock Blue; Fenalac Blue B Disp; Franconia Blue A-4431; Graphtol Blue 2GLS; Graphtol Blue BL; Graphtol Blue BLF; Helio Blue B; Helio Fast Blue B; Helio Fast Blue Helio Fast Blue BT; Helio Fast Blue HG; Heliogen Blue 6902K; Heliogen Blue 6960; Heliogen Blue 7044T; Heliogen Blue 7100; Heliogen Blue A; Heliogen Blue B; Heliogen Blue BA-CF; Heliogen Blue BKA-CF; Heliogen Blue BNC; Heliogen Blue BR; Heliogen Blue BV; Heliogen Blue BWS; Heliogen Blue BWS Extra; Heliogen Blue BWSN; Heliogen Blue IBG; Heliogen Blue K; Heliogen Blue LBG; Heliogen Blue LBGN; Heliogen Blue LBGO; Heliogen Blue LBGT; Heliogen Blue NCB; Heliogen Blue WX; Heliogen blue (VAN); Heliogen Blue 7080; Hostaperm Blue A2R; Hostaperm Blue A3R; Hostaperm Blue AFN; Hostaperm Blue B3G; Hostaperm Blue BG; Indolen Blue 3G; Irgalite Blue BLP; Irgalite Blue GLSM; Irgalite Blue LGLD; Irgalite Fast Brilliant Blue BL; Irgaplast Blue RBP; Isol Fast Blue B; Isol Fast Blue Toner BT; Isol Phthalo Blue B; Isol Phthalo Blue BT; Isol Phthalo Blue CBG; Isol Phthalo Blue E 7543; Isol Phthalo Blue FCB; LBX 5; Linnol Blue KLG; Lionol Blue ER; Lionol Blue KLG; Lumatex Blue B; Lutetia Fast Cyanine B; Lutetia Percyanine BRS; Monarch Blue GX-2480; Monarch Blue NCNF X-2658; Monarch Blue Toner NC X-2371; Monarch Blue Toner NCNF X-2810; Monarch Blue Toner X-2303; Monarch Blue Toner X-2763; [ChemIDplus]
Phthalocyanine Dyes
Bright blue solid with purple luster; [Merck Index] Dark blue or dark purple crystalline powder; [MSDSonline]
Used as pigment for inks, paints, alkyd resin enamels, lacquers, rubber, resins, papers, tinplate printing, colored chalks and pencils, surface coatings, linoleum, leather cloth, wallpaper, wax compositions, cements, textile printing, plastics, viscose, and polypropylene sutures (FDA approved); Also used in many other dyestuffs and to make direct and ingrain dyes; [HSDB]
Not irritating and of low oral toxicity, based on animal studies; [HSDB] No listed effects of short-term or long-term exposure; [ICSC] May cause irritation; [MSDSonline] See "Copper."
Biomedical References

Exposure Assessment

1 mg/m3, as Cu
1 mg/m3, as Cu
0.01 mg/m3, respirable fraction (Cu, inorganic cmpnds)
100 mg/m3, as Cu

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