n-Butyl stearate

Agent Name
n-Butyl stearate
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n-Butyl stearate formula graphical representation
APEX 4; BS; Butyl octadecanoate; Butyl octadecylate; Butyl stearate; Emerest 2325; Estrex 1B 54, 1B 55; Groco 5810; Kessco BSC; Kesscoflex BS; Octadecanoic acid, butyl ester; Polycizer 332; RC Plasticizer B-17; Starfol BS-100; Stearic acid, butyl ester; Tegester Butyl Stearate; Uniflex BYS; Wickenol 122; Wilmar butyl stearate; Witcizer 200; Witcizer 201; n-Butyl octadecanoate; [ChemIDplus]
Colorless liquid; m[ = 19.5-20 deg C; [Hawley] Solid or colorless or very pale liquid (above 20 deg C); mp = 27 deg C; [HSDB] Odorless oily liquid; mp approximately 23 deg C; [MSDSonline]
Used as a flavor and solvent for flavors; as plasticizer for cellulose acetate butyrate, cellulose nitrate, ethyl cellulose, polystyrene, and laminated fiber products; as lubricant in extrusion and molding of polyvinyl chloride; as emollient in creams, lotions, and lipsticks; as solvent, spreading agent, and softening agent in plastics, textiles, cosmetics, and rubber industries; to make leather cloth and leather varnishes; in polishes, special lubricants, and coatings; in carbon paper and inks; as damp-proofer for concrete; in propellants; as water proofing agent and defoamer; [HSBD]
Safe to use as a flavoring agent in food; [JECFA] A moderate irritant on rabbit skin; [RTECS] Irritating to skin; [HSDB] May cause irritation; [MSDSonline] See "STEARATES."
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Vapor Pressure
5.8E-06 mm Hg
must be preheated

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