Toxic Gas from Spilling Chemical in Water

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Toxic Gas from Spilling Chemical in Water
Chemicals That Produce Large Amounts of Toxic Gas When Spilled in Water: Acetyl chloride: HCl; Boron trichloride: HCl Chloroacetyl chloride: HCl; Chromyl chloride (Chromium oxychloride): HCl; Dichloroacetyl chloride: HCl Phosphorus trichloride: HCl Phosphorus pentachloride: HCl; Phosphorus oxychloride: HCl; Titanium tetrachloride: HCl; Aluminum chloride, anhydrous: HCl; Chlorosulfonic acid: HCl; Silicon tetrachloride: HCl; n-Butyryl chloride and Isobutyryl chloride: HCl Propionyl chloride: HCl Sulfuryl chloride: HCL CHLOROSILANES: HCl; Aluminum alkyl halides: HCl Sulfur chlorides: HCl, SO2, H2S Nitrosylsulfuric acid NO2 PHOSPHIDES: Phosphine; Acetone cyanohydrin. stabilized: HCN; Potassium cyanide: HCN; Sodium cyanide: HCN; CYANIDES: HCN; Phosphorus pentasulfide: H2S; Sodium, Calcium, Potassium & Zinc hydrosulfite: H2S, SO2; Surfuryl chloride: HCl ; Thionyl chloride: HCl, SO2; Chlorine dioxide, hydrate, frozen: Chlorine; Fluorosulfonic acid: HF; Antimony pentafluoride: HF; Iodine pentafluoride: HF; Uranium hexafluoride: HF; Bromine trifluoride and Bromine pentafluoride: HF and Bromine; Boron tribromide: HBr; Phosphorus tribromide: HBr; Phosphorus pentabromide: HBr; Acetyl bromide: HBr; Aluminum bromide, anhydrous: HBr; Lithium nitride & Magnesium diamide: Ammonia; Acetyl iodide: Hydrogen iodide; Toxic gases include chlorine, hydrogen chloride (HCL), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), ammonia, phosphine, sulfur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen fluoride (HF), hydrogen bromide (HBr), bromine, and hydrogen iodide. Some “Water Reactive Materials” are also TIH materials themselves: Boron trichloride, Bromine pentafluoride, Bromine trifluoride, Choroacetyl chloride, Chlorosulfonic acid, Phosphorus trichloride, Phosphorus oxychloride, Sulfur chlorides, Sulfuryl chloride, Thionyl chloride, Titanium tetrachloride, Boron tribromide; [ERG 2016]

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