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Potential exposure to arsenic, inorganic fluorides, hydrogen fluoride, lead, and silica; [Pike, S. Art and Artists. In: Sullivan J, Krieger G (eds).Hazardous Materials Toxicology.Baltimore:Williams & Wilkins,1992;695] Potential exposure to metal fumes from colorants, fluorides from etching, and silica from abrasive blasting [Rom, 3rd ed, p. 1466] Potential exposures from glass decorating: silver nitrate, cadmium, lead, cobalt, manganese, chromium, nickel, uranium, HF, and ammonium bifluoride; CO, SO2, and NO2 from kiln; Zinc chloride and rosin fluxes used in glazing; antimony sulfide, copper sulfate, and selenium dioxide used in antiquing; ammonium bifluoride, tin oxide, and cerium oxide used in cutting and finishing glass; [] See the process "Glass Manufacturing."

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