Jewelry making

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Jewelry making
Potential exposure from soldering (cadmium and inorganic fluorides) and baths (acids and sulfur dioxide); [Rom, 3rd ed, p. 1466] Electoplating may expose the jewelry artist to mists of acid and cyanide and to hydrogen cyanide gas. [ILO Encyclo, Vol. 3, p. 96.1-96.54] Metals used in jewelry soldering include: zinc, nickel, tin, and lead for copper alloys; silver, cadmium, copper, zinc, brass, and tin for silver alloys; gold, silver, copper, zinc, brass, cadmium, and nickel for gold alloys; and platinum, gold, silver, and copper for platinum alloys. A new method was patented to solder white gold without the use of nickel, a potent skin sensiitizer. [Kanerva, p. 983-4] Potential exposure to antimony in silver soldering and silica in lost-wax casting; [] For safety practices, see [PMID 28665840]

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