A PowerPoint Slide Presentation of Thesis for Master of Public Health

Using Computer-Based Patient Records to Screen for Occupational Asthma by Targeting Asthma Patients with High Risk Occupations

Occupational Diseases

The Exposure History

Positive Predictive Value of a Screening Test

The Occupational History as a Series of Two Screening Tests

A Patient Record System to Screen for Occupational Asthma

Why Occupational Asthma Was Chosen as a Model for this Study

Natural History of Immunologic OA

NIOSH Case Definition of Occupational Asthma

Results of Chart Review of 96 Asthma Patients

What is a “Job-Agent Link”?

Patients with Job-Agent Link

Deficiencies Identified in the Paper-Based Patient Records

The Knowledge Coupling Problem

Computer-Assisted Exposure History

Knowledge Coupling Requirements

The Surveillance Cycle

Modified Surveillance Cycle




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